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At Dynamic Specialties Group, we believe in delivering results quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality or functionality. That's why we use a "Honda Accord" approach, rather than a "Porsche" approach when it comes to CRM implementation. We focus on delivering a minimum viable product that meets your basic needs and can be refined and enhanced over time, rather than trying to build a custom solution with all the bells and whistles from the start. This "crawl, walk, run" approach allows you to start seeing a return on your investment sooner, while also giving you the flexibility to adapt and evolve your CRM tool as your business needs change.

Our Agile JumpStart Process

How We Deliver Results Quickly and Efficiently

Agile Methodology

We use Agile methodology to prioritize collaboration, flexibility, and rapid iteration

People-Centric Approach

We focus on understanding your business needs and involving key stakeholders and end users throughout the implementation process

Minimum Viable Product

We deliver a minimum viable product quickly, enabling you to start realizing a return on investment sooner


"The DSG team was great to work with. They listened to understand the core need and focused on solving it in a way that works for us. We will definitely work with them again."
MArk Linton
Mark Linton, President, Fingarde
"Great customer service and most importantly the team was able to tailor the CRM to really fit our needs."
Danielle Jones Tanco GC
Danielle Jones, Business Development Director, Tanco General Contractors