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CRM Chronicles: A Dose of Their Own Medicine - Salesforce to the Rescue

It was a dark and stormy night in the city, and The Consultancy was facing its own problem. The business consulting firm had grown and become more complex, and their operations were beginning to feel the strain. They had started on Hubspot, which continued to work very well for their marketing and sales processes. But now, with delivery becoming more complex, they needed a more robust and customizable platform that would allow them to manage their sales-to-delivery transition and then manage delivery to ensure their clients were being served in the way they had become known for.

It was clear to The Consultancy that they needed help and wanted the best, so they engaged their internal CRM team to solve the problem. They had the experience and expertise to handle the challenge, so they set about finding the best solution.

The first step was to gather the team and assess their needs. Because of their discovery efforts, they knew that they needed a platform that would allow them to manage the sales-to-delivery process while also allowing them to manage delivery and ensure that clients were being served in the way they had become known for. They needed a platform that was robust and customizable, and that would allow them to manage their projects at a granular level.DALL·E 2023-03-30 06.55.01 - a DC comic book drawing of a dark and stormy night, a group of consultants are gathered around a table pouring over documents with a lot of white boar

After much research and consideration, The Consultancy decided to use Salesforce Service Cloud, the Accorto Project Management app, and a QuickBooks Online integration. Using the Salesforce/HubSpot integration app, they would be able to achieve a clean handoff from their marketing and sales processes to Salesforce Service Cloud to manage the delivery process. With Accorto, they could manage their projects at a granular level, allowing for allocation projections, capturing time and attendance, and automating their invoicing by project, project phase, and project line. This came with the benefit of providing their customers with detailed reports on work performed.

Their ability to project staffing allocations also gave them the tools to make informed staffing decisions, minimizing the staff on the bench and preventing over-utilizing and burning out individual employees. The Salesforce Service Cloud allowed them to manage service requests from their clients in an automated and orderly manner. This ensured that client requests were addressed in a timely manner, allowing them to meet the SLA requirements.

The Consultancy knew their experience in helping others integrate and scale would be beneficial in this process. They had built on processes that worked well, using an agile methodology to create, implement, test, and adjust over time. Their focus was on getting a minimum viable product in the hands of their end users so they could see where the problems were and drive the project forward to add real value. 

The next step was to implement the new platform. The Consultancy knew that this would be a complex process and that it would require careful planning and execution. They began by building a team of experts who had experience with Salesforce Service Cloud and the Accorto app. They also engaged with QuickBooks Online experts to ensure that the integration would be seamless. The Consultancy learned that the BreadWinner app would be the key to a successful and full integration between the two platforms. 

The team worked tirelessly, building, testing, and adjusting the platform until it was ready for launch. They knew they needed to ensure that the transition from their old process to the new one was smooth, so they carefully planned the migration process. They took their time to ensure that all of their data was synced accurately and that there were no gaps or errors in the system.

Finally, the new platform and business processes were launched, and the results were immediately noticeable. The Consultancy could now manage their sales to delivery process more efficient and streamlined way. They were able to allocate resources more effectively and automate their invoicing and reporting processes. This allowed them to provide their clients with better service and more detailed information about their projects.

The Consultancy's experience in helping others integrate and scale was truly invaluable in this process. They knew how to build on processes that worked well and how to use an agile methodology to create, implement, test, and adjust during the project. They also learned that the answer was not HubSpot or Salesforce alone but using each tool's strengths to improve their ability to serve their customers.

In the end, The Consultancy had successfully solved its own problem and had done so using the same expertise and methodology that they used to help their clients. They had shown that they were not just a business consulting firm, but that they were also experts in implementing complex solutions to solve complex problems.

The city was still dark and stormy, but The Consultancy was now ready to face any challenge that came their way. They knew that they had the tools and the expertise to overcome any obstacle, and they knew that they could rely on their experience in helping others integrate and scale to guide them through any difficult times.

Disclaimer: "A Dose of Their Own Medicine - Salesforce to the Rescue" is a work of fiction created to demonstrate the benefits of a CRM system in a creative and entertaining manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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